Little Sunshine Rattan Picnic Table ( In Stock)

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Say hello to our Little Sunshine Rattan Picnic Table! 

Australian Designed by Oak Studios, Handcrafted ethically with love by our gorgeous artisans in Indonesia. This is certainly a heirloom piece for our children! Using Ethically sourced Rattan and Plywood to ensure a safe lightweight structure for your babes to enjoy all year round.

*Suitable for toddlers up to 4 years 

*Suitable for indoor and outdoor play (Please keep in mind this is natural material and for longevity please keep out of weather for prolonged periods of time (for example best kept in shaded area if kept outside always and out of wet weather. 

*For safety reasons it is recommended that children are supervised whilst using The Sunshine picnic tables, product is used for seating only, it is not recommended to hang off or have multiple children sitting on one side as product may become unbalanced because of its lightweight structure. please advise to have children to sit on both sides to distribute weight evenly. 

Please note our products are handcrafted with the highest level of care, the true nature of cane and wicker will sometimes show variations in colour appearance due to its natural state so each piece will be truly unique.

*Dimensions 90cms x 80cms x 53cms  

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